Al-Tariqa Al-Asriyyah-Urdu


Al-Tariqa Al-Asriyyah : Urdu 
fi Ta’lim al-Lugha al-Arabiyya
Arabi Zuban Sikhne ki Asaan Kitaab (Easy book To learn Arabic language)
By Dr  Abdul Razzaq Iskindar
2 Volumes Set
Publisher : Maktaba al-Bushra, Karachi


Al-Tariqatul Asriyyah for ta’lim al-lugha al-arabiya (Modern way to teach Arabic language) is one of the most famous books to teach and learn Arabic and widely used in Madaris and also a part of the curriculum specially in Pakistan.

Author has compiled this awesome book, looking at the need of the students, and mentioned the modern way to speak Arabic and write it as well.

About The Author 

Moulana Dr Abdul Razzaq Iskandri is a chancellor of “Jame’at Ul-uloom ul Islamia” in  Banoori town, Karachi.

This book is comprises of many lessons, and has been arranged in the sequence with the easiest lessons first, then together with the repetition of certain lessons, especially the verbs with various examples, without any interruption and difficulty.

This is to make the actual lesson firm in the mind of the student and to make understanding easier.