Hidayatun Nahw


Hidayat al-Nahw –(Arabic Book)
Paperback: 224 Pages
Size: 22 x 14 cm
2 Colour Print
Publisher : Maktabah al-Bushra

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This well known textbook on Arabic grammar is newly edited and in full colour print. Includes detailed explanatory notes from various commentaries.

The famous nahw manual, written by Shaykh Siraj al-Din ‘Uthman Chishti Nizami (some say it is the author of the Kafiya Allama Ibn Hajib, the Maliki faqih).

Some scholars say that nahw is pretty much complete on this book. If one masters Hidayatun Nahw, they are guaranteed to have gained proficiency in the laws of nahw.

The Hidayatun Nahw is entirely based on the Kafiya, it follows the same format and it mostly serves as an easier explanation with more examples for the Kafiya.

The text is divided into three parts, one for ism, fi’l, and harf each. The structure of the text is excellent and the examples are extremely useful in understanding intricate points.