Leather Socks (Khuffs)


High quality leather socks.

Sizes Available:6 to 12

Ideal for making masah and use during work hours, especially in winter.

Made in Pakistan

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Men/Women can wear these socks in house/mosque, true alternative of shoes, best for use in winter. These leather socks have a zipper and snap closure. It is just like socks, you have to wear shoes with them if you are outside home or mosque. Each pair comes individually packed in plastic bag. We recommend you to wear normal socks inside these socks for better results. If you want a tight fit then select one size lower, otherwise select as your shoe size.

Leather socks are compliant for making masah (i.e.  instead of washing the feet during wudhu, It is permissible to pass moist hands over such socks, or Masah alal Khuffain.

About Masah :

Method of doing MASAH : After wetting all the fingers of the hands they should be placed on the front side of the leather socks keeping the palms apart and then the fingures drawn towards the ankle. If palms are also placed up on the leather socks and drawn with the fingers it is also permitted.

Masa-lah : While in a journey it is permissible to do masah for three days and one nightsand if not in journey then for one day and one night the day and night shall be counted from the time ablusion is breached and not from the time when the leather socks were put on.

Masa-lah : If the leather socks are torn at several and the total openingis equal to three fingers in the same sock, then masah is not allowed otherwise permissible