Tasheel Series


The TASHEEL SERIES is an Islamic Curriculum for children aged 6-16 years old.

Grade 1 to 8 -Availabe in Stock

$45.00 for one set of 5 books ie Aqaaid,Fiqh,History,Akhlaaq and Hadith

Duaa book needs to be purchased seprately



After years of living in the secular society, scholars realised whilst developing an authentic, invigorating and stimulating Islamic educational material, Ease of use for the Child Learner is integral to this process. After some 70 years of experience the combined efforts of authentic traditional Islamic scholarship, educational theorists and psychologists The Tasheel Series was born under the guise of the ‘ JUSA’ [ Council of Islamic Theologians]. Todate it continues to be revised and overseen by senior ‘Ulama

Broken down into the following subjects which cater for pupils ranging from

Year One to Year Twelve:

Fiqh – Islamic Jurisprudence

Hadith – Prophetic Traditions

Tareekh – islamic History

Aqeedah – Islamic Creed and Belief

Akhlaq wal Adaab – Islamic Morals and Etiquette.