Usool Ash Shashi-Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence


Dimensions:14 x 22 cm (5.5 x 8.7 in)
Publisher:Zam-Zam Publishers
Year of Publication:2013 CE

Translated by Mufti Afzal Hoosen Eliyas.

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About The Book

Usul Ash-Shashi is an authoritative beginner’s manual on the principles of Islamic Jurisprudence. It is used as a primary text in the curricula of Islamic schools and seminaries ever since it was written 800 years ago, and yet, the author’s profound humility prevented him from putting his name to the book.

The first of the books written about the principles of Islamic Jurisprudence was that of Imam Muhammad Bin Idris Ash-Shafi’i (d204 H) which is known as ‘Al-Risalah’ so afterward allot of books have been written on the subject by many scholars following the example of the Risalah.

One of those scholars who wrote on the principles of Islamic Jurisprudence in the Hanafi school of law was Imam Nidhamul Din Ash-Shashi, which is the most read and taught in the Hanafi school of law.

A detailed discussion of the Four Fundamentals Sources of Islamic Shari’ Law:

  • Qur’an
  • Sunnat
  • Ijma (consensus)
  • Qiyaas (Analogy)

The last chapter is entitled: “Al-Ihtijaj Bi La Dalil: Legal Arguments without Evidence”.
The translation will appeal to a wide readership in particular to elementary students of Islamic law and to those that are interested in legal theory.

About The Author

Hailing from the Islamic hinterland of Transoxiana (ma wara’ an-nahr), Shashi is credited to have written this very successful opus. Legend says that he wrote the book at the age of fifty and called it Kitab al-Khamsin (The book of fifty).

Despite little being known of the author, Allah Most High has accepted his work and it is widely studied and read throughout the Muslim world.

About the different Explanations (Shuruh) of the book:

01: Explained by Al Mawla Muhammad Bin Al Hassan Al Khawarzimiy (781 H), Printed in London.

02: Explained by Ash-Shaykh Faydh Al Hassan Al Kankawhiy; ‘ ‘ Umdatul Hawashiy ‘Ala Usulu Ash-Shashi’, Printed in India, Pakistan, and Beirut.

03: Explained by Ash-Shaykh Al Mawlawiy Muhammad ‘AbdalRashed; ‘ Zubdatul Hawashi ‘Ala Usulu Ash-shash’, Printed in India.

04: Explained by Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Hassan Bin Dhuhur Hassan Al Sanbihliy; ‘ Husulul Hawashiy ‘Ala Usulu Ash-Shashi’, Printed in India.

05: Explained by Ash-Shaykh Waliy Ad-Deen Al Farfur Bin Muhammad Salih; ‘ Ash-Shafi ‘Ala Usulu Ash-Shashi ‘, Printed in Damascus.

06: Explained by Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Akram Al Nadwi, Printed in Beirut.

07: Explained by  Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Barakatullah Bin Al Hafidh Muhammad Ahmedullah Bin Muhammad Ni’matullah; ‘ Ahsanul Hawashi ‘Ala Usulu Ash-Ashashi.