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Our objective at UKLA is to develop the personalities of our children so that they are conscious of their responsibility to Allah (God the Creator) and to fellow humans.

We want to see our children grow and develop an Islamic personality and an emotional attachment to Islam. We aim to achieve this by helping them develop their intellectual and spiritual potential and we believe parents must play a vital role in this process.

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We provide an environment for our students to grow & excel!

Our Beloved Nabi Hadhrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) has said in a Hadeeth, “To seek sacred knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim. (Ibn Majah).

This hadeeth refers to the acquisition of religious knowledge. It is incumbent (Fard’ayn) upon every Muslim to seek as much knowledge as will allow him to fulfil his religious obligations. For example, a Muslim must know who the Creator is, he must have knowledge of His Oneness and of the prophethood of His messengers, and he must know the way to pray Salaah, fast in the month of Ramadhan, etc.

It is for this very reason with the help of Allah Ta’ala we have established an Islamic academy for your children and community, where we can facilitate learning Deen (Religion) “Al Islam”.

Our vision at Umar Bin Khattab Learning Academy (UKLA) is to enable access to learning of Islam to everyone in New Zealand.

We specialize in teaching students how to read the Qur’aan with Tajweed and practical knowledge of living as a Muslim. We incorporate useful resources such as Tahseel series, Deen ul Islam and other material created at UKLA to develop courses that enhance the understanding of Islam.

We track student progress regularly to diagnose any problems and learning difficulties at early stages. We guarantee that In-shaa-Allah, you will not be disappointed when you enroll with us.




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Location: 185 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand

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Madrasah Hours: Mon-Fri: 5pm – 7pm

Weekend Classes: Sat and Sun: 9am – 11am